Virtual Care Coordination

The Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice provides VIRTUAL CARE COORDINATORS to help connect physicians and patients for virtual visits.  Virtual Care Coordinators are part of a Virtual Care Coordination team available to support all Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice communities.


ChangeBC is a team-based approach of integrating nutrition and exercise into effective, personalized lifestyle interventions for patients. This collaborative program is developed by dietitians, kinesiologists, family doctors and patients to improve the health of Canadians. 

UBC Family Medicine Residency | CaRMS: Rural Northwest – Terrace

UBC Family Medicine Residency | CaRMS: Rural Northwest – Terrace So you want to be a Rural Family doc…  The pursuit of becoming a Rural Family Practice Physician must include; the opportunity for optimum learning experiences in a community-based, longitudinal, integrated program. The Terrace site offers you such meaningful experiences. As one of our Residents, …

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Pathways is an online resource that allows GPs and their office staff to quickly access current and accurate referral information, including wait times and areas of expertise or limitation, for specialists and specialty clinics. In addition, Pathways makes available hundreds of patient and physician resources that are categorized and searchable.

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UpToDate PNW Division Physician members receive free access to UpToDate.  Clinicians around the world trust UpToDate as their go-to, must-have evidence-based clinical decision support resource to help them make smart, safe patient care decisions. Getting There The best way to reach UpToDate is through the division membership toolbar*. If you haven’t done so, log in to the …

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Every prescription dispensed in community pharmacies in B.C. is entered into PharmaNet.

PharmaNet, administered by the Ministry of Health, was developed in consultation with health professionals and the public to improve prescription safety and support prescription claim processing.

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Real Time Virtual Support (RTVS) Pathways

Real Time Virtual Support (RTVS) Pathways Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) Pathways provide access for any family physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, or resident to engage different specialties, 24 hours a day, for acute or non-acute clinical cases. The RTVS toolkit was designed for healthcare providers in rural, remote, and First Nations communities. It describes the pathways that can be accessed by these providers, how …

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Pacific Northwest FETCH Fetch (For Everything That’s Community Health) is an online ​resource that helps patients ​and health care providers find information on social and health resources within their own community, including counseling, crisis intervention, employment assistance, and agencies that provide support for various medical conditions. The Pacific Northwest FETCH site was created after local …

Provincial Language Interpretation

Provincial Language Interpretation Pacific Northwest Division physician members receive free access to the Provincial Language Service for on-demand telephone and sign-language interpretation.  Learn how to access an interpreter, see a list of languages, a point-to language card, and frequently asked questions for further information. On-Demand Telephone Interpreting: 1-844-350-8224 Select the language required. Enter your code: 3903 Sign Language Interpreting: Emergency 1-877-736-7039 Non-emergency 1-877-736-7012