Pacific Northwest Awards In Excellence


*NEW* Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Excellence in Team-Based Care

This award recognizes the effectiveness of a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals working collaboratively along with patients, family caregivers, and community service providers on shared goals within and across settings to achieve care that is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.

*NEW* Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Innovations in Global Health

This award recognizes the outstanding contributions made to a global health community.  Awarded to an Innovator that has demonstrated leadership in global health capacity-building initiatives in Canada or abroad.  This individual has been an advocate and champion of family medicine, primary care, and/or health equity.  

*NEW* Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Innovations in Digital Healthcare & Technology

This award is presented annually to recognize a family physician champion whose outstanding contributions have helped advance Digital Health, Virtual Health, or Medical Technology in clinical practice, resulting in improved provider and patient experiences and outcomes.

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Lifetime Achievement

This annual award honors a passionate and dedicated physician, who during their career, has made substantial contributions and significantly impacted the promotion of rural health and wellness in the Pacific Northwest.   

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Physician Leadership

Presented annually to a physician who has made an outstanding contribution and commitment to enhancing the role of physicians in the management of health care delivery organizations, provides leadership in a hospital or health region management role, and/or has provided a significant contribution to leadership development in a related organization, hospital or program of local, provincial or national in scope.

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Rural Generalist

This annual award recognizes and celebrates an outstanding rural GP working to the full scope of practice to make a difference in their Pacific Northwest community. 

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Excellence in Primary Care

Awarded annually to an outstanding family physician who best exemplifies what being a family doctor is all about, and who has demonstrated exemplary dedication to family medicine and primary care in their practice and/or community. 

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Innovations in Primary Care

This annual award is designed to recognize an individual or group that has worked on local innovations in practice or healthcare delivery to improve the quality of patient, family, and community care and experiences in the PNW.

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Physician Wellness

This award is in recognition of an individual or group that brings an increasing awareness to the importance of physician wellness, making physician health a priority and initiating new approaches to improve the well-being of physicians in their communities.

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Excellence in Partnership

This award recognizes the work undertaken in partnership with stakeholders that demonstrate how co-operation has improved mutual understanding and trust, and has delivered improvements in standards of healthcare.  This partner has demonstrated joint development and implementation of patient-centred projects together with a shared commitment to the successful delivery. 

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Excellence in Research

This award honors the champions in health research.  It recognizes an individual or group who has made outstanding efforts in health research at the local, provincial, and/or national level.  It represents the dedication to discovery, using rational, scientifically based research to improve the wellbeing of patients across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Excellence in Specialty

This award honors the superior performance of specialist physicians and surgeons, and other medical professionals across the Pacific Northwest.  It recognizes an individual that has contributed to the specialty medical field and to the health care of citizens across the Pacific Northwest, providing outstanding care to their patients and the community in which they practice.   

Pacific Northwest Spirit Award: Community Advocacy & Integrity

This award recognizes the contributions of an individual or group with strong moral principles working to improve the health of the communities in which they serve.  It honors those that work or represent organizations across the northwest that transform, educate, empower, and support individuals in the community through advocacy, and awareness.