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Pacific Northwest FETCH

Fetch (For Everything That’s Community Health) is an online ​resource that helps patients ​and health care providers find information on social and health resources within their own community, including counseling, crisis intervention, employment assistance, and agencies that provide support for various medical conditions.

The Pacific Northwest FETCH site was created after local family physicians identified that many of their patients were uncertain which programs they could access in their community. The site is designed specifically for the communities of the Pacific Northwest in mind and its purpose is to support the people who live in this region.

The PACIFIC NORTHWEST PATIENT REGISTRY provides information on how to connect with a Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.  If you do not have a Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner here in the Pacific Northwest, you can register yourself and your family members in the community in which you live. 

When you register, the Primary Care Network team in your community will know you are interested in a family doctor or nurse practitioner.