Canadian Health Advanced by Nutrition and Graded Exercise

ChangeBC is a team-based approach of integrating nutrition and exercise into effective, personalized lifestyle interventions for patients. This collaborative program is developed by dietitians, kinesiologists, family doctors and patients to improve the health of Canadians. 

Why make the CHANGE?

Because life is too short to suffer from hypertension, or stroke, heart disease or diabetes. The CHANGE Program is a lifestyle intervention program proven to reduce the risk of these chronic illnesses, and improve your quality of life.

ChangeBC in the Pacific Northwest

In partnership with local Family Physicians, Metabolic Syndrome Canada, UBC Kinesiology, UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBC Faculty of Dentistry, Northern Health Authority, Nisga’a Valley Health Authority, Indigenous Health Directors & Elders, the Doctors of BC, the GPSC, Shared Care, as well as other stakeholders and partners, the Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice and it’s communities are leading the way in British Columbia as the very first sites to develop ChangeBC, an excellent, innovative primary care lifestyle support program for patients.

ChangeBC is a team-based program led by Family Physicians that educates patients about the risks of chronic disease, and with a Dietitian and Kinesiologist, empowers them to undertake an individualized supervised program of diet modification and exercise.  The ChangeBC program provides patients with personalized care, regular follow ups and check-ins, allows adequate time for change (1 year), and provides ongoing support.

The target population for ChangeBC is adults with or at high risk of Metabolic Syndrome.  The target clinical goal is to prevent and/or reverse Metabolic Syndrome, prevent complications of Metabolic Syndrome, and improve the general health and wellness of this target population. 
Our healthcare system has been supportive in helping us make the ChangeBC Program one of the cornerstones as we develop our PCN model. ChangeBC has the opportunity to be a socially responsible, culturally appropriate, scalable program for the entire Province, starting right here in the Pacific Northwest.  ChangeBC is a bold step towards delivery of a preventative healthcare program which is the first of its kind across the country.
Prescribing the ChangeBC Program has changed the lives for so many of our patients and we are excited to make it available to even the most vulnerable people across the northwest.

ChangeBC Presentations

June 15, 2021 – ChangeBC panelists representing this unique partnership engaged UBC Health’s TBC: UBC Network members to raise and consider ideas, issues, and questions about developing team-based care with novel disciplines and roles, with special consideration of innovative practices, health professional education, and research.

April 21, 2022 – Members of the CHANGE BC team were invited to a UBC Health Practice Education Network meeting to share their approach and how health professional students may be included in the PCN. Watch the presentation to learn how students from the UBC School of Kinesiology and UBC Dietetics program are part of this initiative, how communities work with them to create sustainable culturally safe approaches to care, and how Metabolic Syndrome Canada and the Pacific Northwest Division of Family Practice are supporting these efforts.