Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

Jan 23 (Tues) | 1830–2000 PT | VIRTUAL

This webinar is funded by the Shared Care Committee—a partnership of Doctors of BC and the BC Government—as part of the Child & Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Community of Practice (CYMHSU CoP).

Dr. Gabor Maté will explore the links between trauma and illness, and society during this free, accredited webinar.

Half of North American adults suffer from chronic illness – a fact Western medicine views largely in terms of individual predispositions and habits. Research has shown that physiologic and behavioural functioning of human beings can be understood only if we integrate our body functions with those of the mind: functions such as awareness, emotions, our interpretations of and responses to events, and our relationships with other people.

Social determinants of health such as class, gender, economic status and race are important influences on health and longevity and may be even more important than individual predispositions and personal factors such as genes, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and so on.

In this session, Dr. Maté will share how a society dedicated to material pursuits rather than genuine human needs and spiritual values stresses its members, undermines healthy child development and dooms many to chronic illness.

Ask your questions to Dr. Maté throughout the webinar. A link will be provided to submit questions in your registration confirmation email. You are encouraged to send your questions in early.


This webinar is for the professional development of health professionals. As an accredited learning activity, this session is intended to provide an environment that is conducive to presenting complex information, asking questions and the sharing of personal experience among colleagues.

The content is tailored to a medical audience and is not intended as public health communication.

Credits: 1.5 Mainpro+ / MOC Section 1