SRPC 31st Annual Rural & Remote Medicine Conference

April 18 – 20, 2024 | at the Edmonton Convention Centre

The Theme For Our 31st Annual Rural & Remote Medicine Conference is: “Rural Health Resilience: Navigating Sustainability for Stronger Tomorrows”

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Edmonton for the 31st Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Conference.

Our theme this year encapsulates the vital challenges faced by rural healthcare. The word “navigating” signifies the critical nature of the journey ahead. In many rural areas, sustainability in healthcare delivery remains uncertain. The loss of maternity care in some regions and short-term closures of emergency departments nationwide illustrate this pressing issue. As healthcare professionals, we deal with whether our efforts merely postpone inevitable decline or plan a path toward genuine sustainability. This conference aims to explore innovative perspectives on sustainability, tailoring solutions to the unique circumstances of each rural healthcare location. Join us in forging a path towards resilience, where healthcare professionals can collaboratively navigate the challenges ahead for stronger and more sustainable tomorrows.